My name is Morgan Brown & I’ve had a Blog that I’ve incorporated the phrase "It’s a Process" into, then ultimately turning it into my catchphrase so to speak, along with my blog title. I’ve created shirts before, & one I threw on stage to Demi Lovato at her concert, (she read it out loud!) which was an amazing moment. That night she shared the quote from AA and it stuck with me.
As you might know, I am in recovery from what are life threatening eating disorders, self harm, and other related issues. So it resonated with me immensely when she said "It works if you work it."Because it does. And it takes time, but it’s a process.

This shirt absolutely means the most to me out of everything  I have ever designed, I will be proud to wear it, will you?

this shirt is important to morgan, we only need 19 more orders to make it happen! support support support! 

2014 Philly Overnight Walk to Prevent Suicide


The Out of the Darkness Overnight is a fundraising walk of 16-18 miles throughout the night, designed to raise funds and make a bold statement to bring the issue of suicide out into the light. The Overnight is organized by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), the leading national not-for-profit organization exclusively dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide through research, education and advocacy, and to reaching out to people with mental disorders and those impacted by suicide.

I am walking with Taylor (and anyone else who may want to join us- just let me know) this year at the Philly Out of Darkness Overnight Walk.

Each walker is required to raise a minimum of $1,000. I have until June to do this. Every little bit helps!!

  • EVERY $10 – AFSP distributes one Depression and Bipolar Awareness educational program (DVD).
  • EVERY $100: AFSP educates a mental health professional or primary care physician about the warning signs of suicide. Each of them in turn, will reach and inform hundreds - maybe thousands – of people.
  • EVERY $500: trains a new Survivor of Suicide support group facilitator. Each new facilitator will bring group members together with other survivors. Together, they will see that they are not alone.

Please visit my page and donate if you can!! It’s for a great cause and something that is also personally very important to me! 

There is also a badge on my sidebar to donate. Even if you can’t donate, spread this around… like I said, every little bit counts!


Life is a process, sometimes we need to be reminded to enjoy the journey, not just rush to the destination.

It works if you work it. 
This powerful phrase is so often used in recovery processes, but can be applied in every single way of life. So take it in, use it, live it.
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insight-inspiration: to everyone who said something you must buy one! Check out the types before you purchase! There’s even some athletic styles!

Okay friends, 
I was approached to make this shirt, so let’s make sure it sells! 40 isn’t anywhere near alot! we can do it, spread it everywhere, but most importantly, ORDER YOURS. i cannot express enough the amount of people that ask to order one, once the campaign has ended. The answer is NO, you cannot, it just is not possible. So please order now. You’re going to spend money, so spend it on something positive, on awareness, on hope. 
insight-inspiration: to everyone who said something you must buy one! Check out the types before you purchase! There’s even some athletic styles!
life is a process.: Believe in Me. NEONLIGHTSTOUR


NEONLIGHTSTOUR 2014, a Special Evening With Demi 2011

transformation, recovery, progress


Eating disorders can destroy lives #nooonehealswithoutastruggle  #eatingdisorderrecovery 💜💜@ddlovato

Eating disorders destroy lives

watching my girl demi at soundcheck, picture does not do justice. 

morgan at the #NEONLIGHTSTOUR as the closest person to Demi, and threw her a shirt she designed. 
I just wanted you guys to remember you’re all so beautiful, you are all worthy of life and love.

-Demi Lovato, Warrior Speech Auburn Hills, MI (via neonlightstourupdates)

if anyone got a picture of Demi at soundcheck at The Palace today holding the shirt that read “NO ONE HEALS WITHOUT A STRUGGLE” please send it to me!


it’s my shirt i designed and i was not able to get a photo when she held it up :( 

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